Hazlow Electronics has had much experience in providing small quantity prototypes to 5,000 significant piece orders in the normal operating environment that includes 18,000 square feet at 49 St. Bridget’s Drive in Rochester New York. An additional 9,000 square feet is used as required for necessary flexibility in the same building. A final 9000 square foot floor, also in the same building, can be made available for expansion.

Hazlow has 3 online Automated cutting, striping, terminating, and crimping units to include:
  • Komax wire processor
  • Primo wire processor
  • Schleuniger wire processor
Over 75 auxiliary production units are available for use as necessary and include:
  • Panduit Ty-wrap
  • Tyton Ty-wrap
  • Molex and Tyco applicators
  • Crimp presses
  • Bench strippers

Hi-pot and continuity test check 100% of out the door product.